Paper Eclipse Puppet Company has been making and performing shows since 2010. We mainly create shadow puppet shows and sometimes we play with marionettes. We’ve performed in museums, galleries, bars, environmental offices, State Parks, and private parties. All of the shows we produce are intended for all ages.

The company was founded by Tim Brock, Moe Bowstern and Virginia Marting. George Wilson joined us in 2012. We like to collaborate with other artist for specific projects. We usually invite musicians to collaborate with us creating the music for our performances and playing it live in most of the occasions.

Our stories vary in their subjects. We like to tell folk stories, talk about animals, and explore the natural world. We also like to tell stories about how we live, love, work, and build community. So sometimes we find ourselves creating pieces with high environmental topics and social justice.

The last couple years we have been working with videographers to make films of our shadow puppetry, and we would like to see them at festivals, screen them at events, and online.

Some other artists who have collaborated with us since 2010 are Jim Destabler, Sid Cooper, Katie Burkart, Lynne Piper, Denell Fahy Graham, Marisa Anderson,  Lisa Schomberg & Secret drum band,  Sam Pirnak, and Sika Stanton.

You can contact us to perform at your venue or to create a custom piece for your event. Leave us a message below.





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  1. heather says:

    What is your contact phone number, I would like information for you to be a part of an elementary literature language arts class for grades 3-4 in the McMinnville area.

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